Who is Anne Gray?

I am a native Ann Arborite - born on December 4, 1974 at the old St. Joe's hospital in Ann Arbor, MI. I returned to Ann Arbor in 2001 after going away to Grinnell College in Iowa from 1992-1996, living in Chicago for a couple years (minus the three and a half months my sister and I spent on a road trip around the country in late 1996) and then living in Waterloo, Ontario, where I got a master's degree in Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo in 2002.

My parents live in Ann Arbor, and I have many different circles of friends there. My sister Sarah is in Charlotte, North Carolina and my two brothers, Ric and David, live in the Southwest United States with their families.

When I was in college I wrote up some biographical details on pets, places I have lived, schools I've attended, and authors I liked. There's more about me in other places around here, and I also try to maintain a page on how I'm currently spending my time, though as it points out, my LiveJournal may be the best place to catch up with me.

If you are trying to reach me by email, I am netmouse at netmouse.com or akg.netmouse at gmail.com.


I have been a Human Factors Engineer at Klein Associates and Soar Technology. Mainly I do analysis of how people do work and the requirements that analysis suggests for human-computer interface design. I also get to design and test user interfaces for software design and research purposes. In the last year that's been mostly for the command and control of unmanned vehicles (robots), but I've also worked on tools for modeling polisocial systems, and for software development in different task and cognitive modeling languages (GOMSL, SOAR, and HLSR).

For a while I worked at The Caravan Shop. It has been independently owned and operated in downtown Ann Arbor since 1927 and was a fun place to work.

You can find more information about my education and both volunteer and work experience in my portfolio section.

Reading and Writing

Reading and writing are a large part of my life. Reading is my biggest hobby and I also write and copyedit. Most of the time, I read Science Fiction and Fantasy, write Science Fiction and book reviews, and edit material on SF and SF Conventions. I'm trying to maintain a list of all my fanwriting, with links to what's online.

There is a science fiction author on the other side of the ocean with my maiden name, Anne Gay. I'm pleased to say we are pen pals.


I have traveled a few places (and hope to see more!). Here are some observations of those travels.

Science Fiction Fandom

I am involved in various fannish activities. I've served on the Board of Directors of the Ann Arbor Science Fiction Association (AASFA), the formal organization that stands behind Stilyagi and helps run ConFusion. I was also was assistant con chair and programming wrangler for ConFusion and Her Friends, in 2003, and con chair for ConFusion XXX in 2004 and 31 Flavors of ConFusion held in January of 2005. I stepped down after that to avoid burnout.

In April 2004 I had a terrific time at Penguicon, being Neil Gaiman's liaison to the convention. You can read about that in more detail in my con report, published in Emerald City. Subsequently I have also assisted Neil at Mythcon 35, Noreascon 4, the 2005 Nebula Awards, Balticon 40, the 2006 Locus Awards, and a couple other small events. I wrote up my Notes on Neil-Handling for the benefit of others who will be doing something similar. I was guest liaison to Charlie Stross for Penguicon 5.0, as well as guest liaison to Cory Doctorow (2005) and Chris DiBona (2006).

I was the President of the Board of Directors and also the webmaster of the Science Fiction Oral History Association (SFOHA).

I proofread Cheryl Morgan's Hugo Award-wining online zine Emerald City up until Cheryl retired the 'zine in September of 2006. I was also the copyeditor for publications at ConJosé. That my first Worldcon. In addition to working for Publications before the con, I was staff in the Consuite during the convention.

I was on program ops staff at Torcon 3, and I did some proofreading for Noreascon Four, where I was also Personal assistant to Neil Gaiman for the weekend, as I mentioned before.

I am also a member of Midfan, and was editor of MidFanzine for the first three editions. The first edition, First Steps, came out in the fall of 2002 and went very well. The second Edition was similarly successful. The third edition, MidFanzine 3: Impressions came out in fall of 2004. Submissions should go to editor@midfan.org.

During slow times I contribute to the conrunning knowledge capture process over at conrunner.net and the science fiction project on Wikipedia.

Jigsaw Puzzles
I often mention to people that jigsaw puzzles are my favorite hobby after reading. I plan to get more up here on my jigsaw puzzle collection, including some reviews as to quality.

I also wrote a short essay on How to Do Jigsaw Puzzles.

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