Millenium Park and the Cloud Gate Sculpture, 2004

Bill in front of the Cloud Gate Sculpture by Anish Kapoor...

You can see yourself and the Chicago skyline...

Inside the bean, looking up.

Kids are drawn to touch the sculpture. I missed a neat picture of a boy leaning his forehead against the outside.

In a plaza to the south and slightly lower than the cloud gate plaza, there are two large rectangles of fountain facing one another across a shallow pool. Children come in their swim suits to play in the water.

The surface is transparent with a bricklike grid of structure. Some of the time, images are projected facing one another. They might be images from Chicago, or representative faces. Sometimes jets of water come out of the sides, and when there are faces it looks like they are spitting water.

And from the Art Institute, visiting exhibit of Japanese Art:

I particularly liked this toad.

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